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In Hold’em there are 1,326 possible two-card combinations for your starting hand, and 1,225 for any one of your opponents after you look at your cards. If you play a hand through, there are then 19,600 possible flops and 2,118,760 total full board combinations. This means that you could play for a lifetime and not see exactly the same thing happen twice!

With these parameters the chances of getting a pocket pair are 16/1, and of making it into trips or quads on the flop 12%. The chances of getting Aces are 220/1 against and AK about 1.2%, and, given you don’t have a pair, you will make one on the flop about one third of the time and about 49% of the time by the river. With suited cards, you will make a flush 8.4% of the time by the river but only flop a flush 0.84% of the time, and flop a flush draw nearly 11% of the time of which it will be completed with a frequency of 38.3%. If you flop an open-ended straight draw, it will complete 34% of the time. The flop will be all of one suit some 5% of the time, two suited cards 55% and rainbow 40%…

But why remember how to calculate pot odds when you are sat at a computer that can calculate the odds flawlessly?


This fantastic free software is exclusive to It does all the calculations for you. This calculator does everything, including instant pot odds, real time opponent stats and betting history.

If you feel you have more to learn, this hold em calculator will help improve your poker play instantly, giving you all the information you need to make intelligent and critical decisions straight away.

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Will your pocket aces be favourite after the flop? What are the chances of you hitting your straight? How likely is it that your full house will be beat? Find out instantly with this poker odds calculator, free from Paddypower. This free UK poker calculator is exclusive to Paddypower poker players. Part of the ipoker network, you can play against people on William Hill, Bet365 and VC Poker.

More calculator features

Win Odds: The odds of you winning the hand.

Pot Odds: The amount of money in the pot compared with how much money it takes to call.

Your/Opponent hands at showdown: These numbers represent the probabilities of hitting a particular hand for you AND your opponents at showdown.

EV: Expected Value for your hole cards. Expected value is the amount of big bets this hand will make or lose on average.

Calculate OUTs: Instantly know what cards can improve you hand.

Position: PPP Odds calculator shows your position after flop.

Opponent Statistics

The hold em calculator does all the calculations for you. It will help you to determine how aggressive your opponents are and how lose/tight they play.

The data is collected from the poker room directly. It has a perfect memory of hands. The top professionals have a talent for remembering hands, with this hold em calculator, you can have this power too.

Fake money, real money and tournament statistics are tracked separately. The game play varies so much between these games that putting them altogether would skew the results.

Opponents Statistics are still collected even if you are sitting out. This data is kept locally and will be loaded everytime you play against the same opponent. automatically next time you’re sitting with a tracked player.

Player Profiles

The PaddyPower calculator automatically assigns profiles to your opponents.

  • Calling Station (Slightly Loose, Passive)
  • Fishy (Loose, Passive).
  • Gambler (Slightly Loose, Aggressive, Overplay)
  • Good Player (Tight, Aggressive, Solid).
  • Loose, Aggressive
  • Neutral, Aggressive, Overplay
  • Neutral, Aggressive, Solid
  • Neutral, Passive
  • Slightly Loose, Neutral.
  • Rock (Tight, Passive, Solid).
  • Slightly Loose, Aggressive, Solid.
  • Tight, Aggressive, Overplay
  • Tight, Neutral
  • Tight, Passive, Overplay.
  • Not sure yet.

Plus many more features such as “You Have The Nuts!” Alert.

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